Igor Vermeulen - entertainer pur sang.

As a born performer Igor played the streets on flute at 9 years old for several years.

Some kids just know what they want and got the guts to do it.

When you watch Igor dance, sing, playing his saxophone, flute, trumpet or djembe you know we are dealing here with a natural musician-entertainer. Having been one of the leading dancers at the famous IT danceclub in the 90's he has seemingly not lost his skills. Some people just don't accept aging or gravity. Having gained the world's title best stagedancer at the championship in Malaysia one must realise he has earned his spurs over the years.

Today Igor is making use of a loopsystem allowing him to perform solo while making use of various instruments building up towards a song while dancing and playing at the same time. Be it hanging upside down on a trapeze while playing the flute or dropping into a split continuing his funky play is an amazing perfomance one must have seen to believe possible.

We hope you will belong to the lucky ones able to view this magician of instruments and dance.

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